In a caring and positive environment ABHINAV provides Education to empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential, to achieve personal standards of academic works as well as in supportive areas of physical, Cultural and Social Development, inculcating civic as well as Human Values.

Abhinav Education Society is an institution which is Progressive and Futuristic. It is promoting high quality education by employing innovative methodologies to promote learning. Abhinav Education Society (AES) was established in 1999 with a mission to impart quality education to the deprived rural masses of the society.
In a caring and positive environment ABHINAV provides Education to empower our students to recognize and optimize their full potential, to achieve personal standards of academic works as well as in supportive areas of physical, Cultural and Social Development, inculcating civic as well as Human Values.

Abhinav Education Society has reached out to rural areas and has been instrumental in providing qualitative higher and technical education to the less privileged children, especially girls from rural areas. The endeavor is enhanced by dedicated, devoted and consistent staff of every institute of Abhinav Education Society.


In today’s era of globalization the student’s all round development is the most important thing. Academics is a part of overall development. Sports, Cultural activities extra co-curricular activities with innovation lead the child to the overall development of his personality.Standing true to its ethos of being dynamic in vision and clear sighted in objectives, Horizon has always stood for what they have believed in.

Abhinav Education Society’s Horizon English Medium School is committed to bring out the best talent in the children and developing the hidden potentials to lead them to the path of success.

Activities / Exhibition

Innovative activities allow the young mind of a child to think multi-dimensional.

Following are the activities:

Social :

The society is also credited for devoting its objectives towards social welfare of the surrounding areas. To know the social awareness school had arranged Rakshbandhan Celebration at Niradhar Punarwasan Kendra, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Women’s Day,Hindi Diwas, Senior Citizen’s Day, Ozone Day etc.

Cultural :

To understand the importance of our cultural heritage we celebrate different types of festivals like Palakhi Procession, Guru Poornima, Nagpanchmi, Dahi Handi, Ganesh Festival, Bhondala,Diwali , Makar Sankranti Doll’s marriage etc.

Educational :

The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. We arrange educational trip to Raja Kelkar Museum ,Shanivarwada, Candle Making Factory, Bakery, Bank, Post Office, Egg Packing Factory, Katraj Dairy, Glass factory, File Making Factory etc.

Personality :

Education helps students for their all round development. But only brain or physical development is not sufficient. To module their personality we arrange story telling competition, Object talking competition, Fancy Dress Competition, different types of Exhibitions are arranged like art & craft, science & maths., sports & games, musical instruments etc.


Every child has hidden talent in him. To channelize their hidden creativity we arrange different types of workshops like Panti Making, Eco-friendly Ganesh idol Making, kite making, binding of the books, paper flower making, puppet making & puppet show, Salad decoration.

Facilities :

• Our school has majestic building with a big play ground enabling to play games like basket-ball, Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, & Langadi etc.

• We have spacious classrooms located in pollution free environment.

• The computer lab with latest computers and adequate educational software.

• Smart class : Educomp’s smart class is a technology oriented for schools. It provides tools and content for teachers as well as the students.

• Zee learn Gaken Science Academy ( Japanese Technology)

• Personal attention by qualified and dedicated staff.

• SMS alert Service for parents.

• Regular educative & motivational workshops for students & teachers.

• Periodic Parent-Teacher Meetings to encourage parent-teacher interaction for general improvement of the school.

• Celebration of all national & cultural festivals significant to our heritage, to enhance national integration amongst the students.

• Our library is well stocked with numerous periodicals, besides the reference books and the story books. The library is always occupied with student inculcating in them the reading habit. We have set up a huge and spacious library for the students.

• Safe & comfortable transportation facilities provide by school-owned new fleet of buses.

Along with intellectual and emotional development, the school cares equally for physical development of children, thereby developing the required skills of learning along with physical stamina resulting in all-round personality development.


Teaching to me is
Teaching to me is what soul is to the body, sunshine is to the day…
According to me, Teaching is….
Not merely making them do the right things, but to make them enjoy the right things.
Not merely help them do understand industriousness, but to make them love industry.
Teaching to me is like a tool with which I can weave the future of my students on the loom of time. So, it is imperative for me to clothe myself with compassion, kindness, humility and patience.

Teaching to me is not just teaching students but the ignited youth who are the most powerful resource on the earth, below and above the earth. As a teacher, the high performance and success of my students is my greatest achievement.
Teaching is not merely a profession to me, but a passion and I am very passionate about it. So, I teach them.
“Not merely as a machine, but like a friend,
Not only a subject, but the way of life.”
I understand that it is not only we who have expectations; but students too expect certain things from us. I can live up to their expectations by becoming a teacher, companion as well as a guide.
I believe in the dictum: “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement.” So, I always organize and conduct my life in such a way that my life itself is a message for my students.
Gandhiji has glorified a ‘Teacher’ as the ‘true-book’ for the pupil and I constantly strive to make this ‘book’ more and more interesting.


My vision of the 21st century is very simple. It is a vision of a world without war and a world without war and a world without want – a world which every human being, irrespective of his country, color, reed, gets the necessity of life, a world in which every human is able to hold his head high, a world in which peace –prevails among the notions and harmony among the peoples of the earth, a world in which the right to live is granted to every creature that breathes the breath of life.